Miti mirrors

tastefully designed mirrors to suit any decors

Through combining glass technology and design, Object by Glass is Good aims to create glass objects that are simple, distinctive, and innovative.

As a part of Miti project, we proudly present four mirror collections designed by Forty Studio and produced by Glass is Good. More exciting designs are on the way.


an illusive doorway mirror

An illusive mirror to add a sense of doorway to any rooms. Choose from three available shapes, four colors of frame and inner-edge colors with a possibility to choose inner-edge side (left or right).


glass urinal partition

A peace of mind for peeing!  Pee-tition is glass urinal partition.  Simply choose your style, size, and colors and that’s it!

We provide full installation service in Bangkok and vicinity areas too!

A collaborative project by Glass is Good and Forty Studio
Mirrors do not merely reflect the existing, they challenge it. They allow us to see ourselves and space around us in a whole new perspective, setting mood and self-perception in its distinguished way.

Red-frame Eclipse (Special Edition)

A three-piece tinted mirror that mimics Eclipse phenomenon
pilli solo mirror cat

Pilli Solo

Functional full mirrors, a part of Pilli family
pilli duo กระจกเงาดีไซน์ 2 สี

Pilli Mini

Colorful laminated mirrors in smaller size, a part of the Pilli family
กระจกตกแต่งผนัง pilli solo สองสี

Pilli Duo

Duo-tone stylish tinted mirrors, a part of the Pilli family
kutu box mirror design


Three-part mirror inspired by 3D box shape


Paperform-inspired graphic mirrors that come in three styles
Extraordinary glass objects by glass is good
Glass is an extraordinary object by itself; transparent (yet can control visibility), fragile (yet can be so safe), shiny (yet can be matt).  OBJ is a new Glass is Good project with a mission to merge these characteristics into designs, topped with quality craftmanship and services.

Dorway Flat

Illusive doorway mirrors in rectangle shape

Peetition Curve

Stylish glass urinal partition in curved form

Dorway Curve

Illusive doorway mirrors in round oval shape

Peetition Slope

Stylish glass urinal partition in slope shape

Peetition Flat

Stylish glass urinal partition in rectangular form with rounded corner

Dorway Arch

Illusive doorway mirrors in arch shape