A collaborative design project by Forty Studio & Glass is Good

Mirrors do not merely reflect the existing; they challenge it. They allow us to see ourselves and the space around us in a whole new perspective. Mirrors define our moods and self-perception.
  • Paperform-inspired graphic mirrors that come in three styles
  • pilli solo mirror cat
    Functional full mirrors, a part of Pilli family
  • กระจกตกแต่งผนัง pilli solo สองสี
    Duo-tone stylish tinted mirrors, a part of the Pilli family
  • pilli duo กระจกเงาดีไซน์ 2 สี
    Colorful laminated mirrors in smaller size, a part of the Pilli family
  • eclipse cat 04
    A three-piece tinted mirror that mimics Eclipse phenomenon
  • A three-piece tinted mirror that mimics Eclipse phenomenon
  • kutu box mirror design
    Three-part mirror inspired by 3D box shape

Miti is a Bangkok based contemporary mirror and glass product brand. It is a result of a collaboration between makers and designers who are both committed to creativity, good design, and quality.

We are proud to present our first mirror collections. In these collections, we introduced minimal yet bold geometric forms with an extensive variety of colors and mounting options; all designed and made in Bangkok using high-end technology and quality craftsmanship.



Pilli mirrors aim to counterbalance the functionality with color. They are half functional, half decorative; quite literally. They are minimal but have a bold graphic presence.

Pilli mirrors are offered as Pilli Duo (two-tones), Pilli Solo (single-tone) and Mini (small yet dangerously colorful).


Eclipse references natural phenomena, such as solar and lunar eclipses. But it abstracts it with a sense of transparency of overlapping glasses.

Each color combination and orientation suggests a different reading and meaning. Each part of Eclipse is CNC cut to perfectly fit each other.


Kutu (‘Box’ in Turkish) mirror family’s design, challenges the notion of a ‘frame’. Although it is totally flat; Kutu appears to be a 3-dimensional box by design.

Kutu’s color ‘frame’ is manufactured through a special multi-step precision technique with color and lines embraced in laminated mirrors.


The lightweight and playful Papier (‘Paper’ in French) is a result of our interest in the thinness of the mirror as a material: it is paper thin. Using paper as a reference point; Papier plays with the ideas of stacking and folding.

In contrast to its minimal aesthetic, Papier is manufactured through a series of complex techniques to replace some parts of mirror reflection with black lines.

Miti Mirrors

made with in Bangkok, Thailand