Simple, innovative, and distintive glass objects by Glass is Good

OBJ products are created and manufactured by Glass is Good in its own factory, using high-quality materials, expert workmanship, and reasonable pricing. We offer a variety of customization options to suit your preferences.
  • Illusive doorway mirrors in arch shape
  • Illusive doorway mirrors in round oval shape
  • Illusive doorway mirrors in rectangle shape
  • Stylish glass urinal partition in rectangular form with rounded corner
    From: ฿5,500
  • Stylish glass urinal partition in slope shape
    From: ฿5,500
  • Stylish glass urinal partition in curved form
    From: ฿5,500

“Get out of the norm and bring glasses closer to your lifestyle”. This is our philosophy and commitment to promote creative glasses that are so vibrant, beautiful, and functional. As a complement to our made-to-order products on our main portal, OBJ is a new project designed to introduce more design oriented products that are reachable and still customizable in some ways.

We started out with two product lines: “Dorway,” a full-sized mirror that adds dimensions to any room, and “Peetition,” a urinal partition that is ready to use. Keep an eye out for more items.



Reflective surfaces, like mirrors, change spaces, reflect light, and enlarge the space. With shadow edges added on the mirror, Dorway achieves the illusion of another room within one’s own space. 

The colors of the doorway frames and inner edge shadows can be picked freely from the four calm shades. It’s crucial to choose the right side of the edge shadow based on your room’s perspective.


Every men’s shared toilet needs partitions! The task of finding urinal partitions might seem straightforward, but it’s not. You would have to find materials that match your decor, find the right fittings, and hire professionals to install them.

Our solutions eliminate all those hassles by providing the full package. With our urinal partitions, you can choose from three shapes and eleven colors. Hardware included in this package is robust and reliable, as well as professional installation.

OBJ Glass Objects

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