A three-piece tinted mirror that mimics Eclipse phenomenon

The design of Eclipse abstracts the existence of the sun and moon through the concept of overlapping mirrors. Combinations of colors and orientations suggest different interpretations, thus allowing for indefinite exploration.

The actual product’s colors may look slightly different from the generated image due to the screen colors and lighting environments where the mirror will be installed



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Ship everywhere ฿600 | ship & install ฿900 (will be calculated at checkout). Installation available only in Bangkok & vicinity areas

This mirror is made up of three CNC-cut mirrors to look like they’re overlapping each other. For the first and middle mirror, you can choose your preferred color, but the last mirror is left clear to reflect the natural state.

Eclipse mirrors can be framed in wood and hung in 4 different styles. Several ways can be used to enhance your wall with these mirrors – all will look great!

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