Three-part mirror inspired by 3D box shape

Challenging the notion of a ‘frame,’ Kutu (‘Box’ in Turkish) mimics the 3D form of a box with colorful top and side portions and a mirror in the middle.

The actual product’s colors may look slightly different from the generated image due to the screen colors and lighting environments where the mirror will be installed



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Ship everywhere ฿600 | ship & install ฿900 (will be calculated at checkout). Installation available only in Bangkok & vicinity areas

Boxes are represented in 3-dimensional form in this Kutu series.  In addition to the clear center section for functionality, both top and side parts are constructed from color-laminated mirrors with fine-printed lines inside, which add vibrant color mixes.

Kutu glasses come in two sizes, Kutu 60 and Kutu 130, as well as six different color choices.  Kutu is made to precision using multi-step processes in Glassform’s facilities.

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