Peetition Slope

Stylish glass urinal partition in slope shape

Peetition Slope
Glass urinal partitions with integrated hardware that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. There are two types of glass: satin glass with translucent colors or clear glass with opaque colors, according to the color selected.

The actual product’s colors may look slightly different from the generated image due to the screen colors and lighting environments where the mirror will be installed

Peetition Slope

From: ฿5,500

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Glass Shape


Ship everywhere ฿600 | ship & install ฿1,000 (will be calculated at checkout). Installation available only in Bangkok & vicinity areas

The color of Peetition determines the type of glass (please see images in ‘Glass’ tab)

  • Clear Satin: 12 mm. clear satin tempered glass (one side matt surface)
  • Gradient White: 12 mm. Low-iron tempered glass with white graphic in the back of the glass
  • White: 6+6 mm. Low-iron tempered glass with opaque white film in the middle
  • Black: 6+6 mm. Standard clear tempered glass with opaque black film in the middle
  • Satin Colors: 6+6 mm. Satin (matt surface) tempered glass with colored film in the middle

Glasses are CNC-cut and edge-polished to precision and are fully tempered. Clamps for glass-to-wall are included with all orders, and we also offer installation services as an option.

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