Pilli Mini

Colorful laminated mirrors in smaller size, a part of the Pilli family

The smallest of the Pilli family, Pilli Mini is probably the boldest and the most playful one!  Play around with the ten colors, tilt and turn it, or add some more.

The actual product’s colors may look slightly different from the generated image due to the screen colors and lighting environments where the mirror will be installed

Pilli Mini


(Same price for all options)


Ship everywhere ฿300 | ship & install ฿600 (will be calculated at checkout). Installation available only in Bangkok & vicinity areas

Pilli Mini is made of two laminated mirrors with color interlayer in between the sandwiches, shaped and edge polished with advanced CNC glass processing.  Hang securely to any walls with the pre-installed aluminum Z-cleat to the angle of your choice.
To add extra joy in larger spaces, Minis can be ordered in multiple pieces, with freedom of color choice and hanging orientation.

Width: 700 mm. | Height 330 mm. | Depth 17 mm. | Glass Thickness 6.5 mm. | Backing Thickness 10 mm.

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