Terms and Condition

Return and Refund

We accept returns for all products in this website when we are notified within 7 days from the delivery date. Following terms and conditions apply;

  • If customer would like to return the product (for any reasons), the first thing is to notify our staffs through any channels described in the footer or page “Contacts.” The notification needs to be within seven days from the date that the customer receives the product.
  • Once we are notified, we will advise the shipping method to send the product back to Glass is Good. The return shipping cost may be responsible by the seller or the buyer depending on the cause of the return.
  • If the product has defects, out of order, doesn’t function properly, or has physical damages upon arrival, Glass is Good will absorb all shipping costs and customer may choose to get full refund or ask for replacement.
  • If the product arrives in good conditions; no physical damage, meet product standard, function properly, or the product has been used in incorrect manner, customer will be responsible for all shipping cost for the return of the product. And if customer chooses for a replacement, the shipping cost of the replacement will also be responsible by the customer.
  • Due to nature of some products that cannot be uninstalled after usage, we cannot accept return or refund for these items once installed. The product that we cannot accept return will be informed in the FAQ area of the product page.
  • Glass is Good will confirm the return and inform the customer of the refund processes by 7 days after the product has been received. Under any circumstance that the case is not eligible for return or refund, we will notify the customer of the reason and will try our best to solve the case to customer’s satisfaction.
  • Once the customer is notified of approved refund, Glass is Good will process refunds in 20 days. The payment will be made to the original payment method, or if the payment is paid in cash or bank transfer, the payment will be made by depositing into customer’s name bank account.
  • You may request to cancel your purchase for a full refund, up to 24 hours after the payment has been made. If your notify us after 24 hours there’s a high chance that the order has been sent to production and we reserve the right to allow partial refund depending on the production stage.

Our Product Warranty

Each product has different warranty terms and conditions.  Please check in “Warranty” section on individual product pages

When there is a warranty claim, Glass is Good will try their best to meet customer satisfaction and propose the solution to solve the problem. The customer can make warranty claim under the following terms and conditions;

  • If customer would like to make warranty claim, the first thing is to notify our staffs through any channels described in the footer or page “Contacts.”
  • Glass is Good has quality checklist that follows international industry standards and the regulation of Thai Industry Standards. The product will be investigated if they are eligible for warranty claim. We will check and inform customer of the result by 7 days after the product has been received.
  • If the claim has been accepted, Glass is Good reserves the right to choose to fix the problem or replace a new product. However, the product fixing or replacement lead time shall not exceed the standard delivery time listed in this page. If Glass is Good is not able to rectify the problem, Glass is Good will be responsible for reimbursement or compensation to the customer. However, the amount of reimbursement will not exceed the original purchase price.
  • The warranty period is stated in each individual product page. The date is counted from the date that the product has been received by the customer.
  • For more information about our warranty, please check out our product warranty page 

Customer’s Information Protection Policy

In order to protect customer’s right and good will information provider, Glass is Good will not disclose the name, address, or other information to indicate the information provider and will keep the information confidential. This information will only be shared among the responsible persons in order to investigate or find solution to the case without allowing unrelated people to reach the information. Glass is Good’s representatives who receive the complaint has the responsibility to protect the information or related documents unless required by law.

Complaints Handling Processes

Glass is Good will investigate the complaint received immediately and notify the related party to find more information on the case in a timely manner. The case will be rectified with reasonable resolutions and Glass is Good will inform the customer or information provider about the situation without additional cost.

How to file a complaint?

In order to file a complaint, the complainer shall indicate topics and details of the matter, along with the name address and contact information. All information shall be sent by the the provided channels below;

Third Party Resolution Mechanism

If the customer is not satisfied with the complaint handling and solutions provided by Glass is Good, the customer can utilize third party to step in and find the solution to the complaint by contacting;

  • Department of Business Development
  • 563 Nonthaburi Rd., Bangkrasor, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000
  • Tel: 02-547-5960 Fax 02-547-5973 (E-Commerce Division)
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Web Site: www.dbd.go.th