Product Warranty

Purchase with confidence

When you choose OBJ, Object by Glass is Good, you can expect a quality product with top quality materials. In the event that something goes wrong, you are covered for a full year from the day of delivery or installation.

Warranty terms and conditions

  • The seller is not liable for glass breakage, damage, failure due to misuse; or to acts of nature including fire, flood or earthquake.
  • This warranty does not cover damage caused through installation in a wet area and outdoor environment.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of your residence or business, careless handling, alteration, misuse, or misapplication.
  • This warranty is limited by the cost of the purchased product and the seller will not assume any responsibility beyond the cost of original merchandise.
  • Breakage caused by settling of the architectural structure in which the mirror is installed is not covered in the warranty.
  • The warranty will be void if harsh, abnormal, or abrasive chemical cleaners are used on the product.

Mirror Quality

  • We guarantee that the mirror will not contain silvering defects resulting in discoloration, black spots, or clouding of silver film that materially obstructs the mirror image of the vision area.
  • For corrosion along the edge, the effect should not get deeper than 5 mm. from the edge.
  • Since mirrors are coated with silver, they sometimes interact with moisture and result in corrosion on the edges over time. Thus, we do not recommend using mirrors in wet or humid environments. As a consequence, the seller cannot provide any warranty in the event that corrosion occurs from installation in the high humidity area.

Physical Damages

  • In case you order a packaged product, it is advisable to unpack and examine the item right away for damages, chips, cracks, and scratches. If there are physical damages, do not install the product and please let us know right away. Please note that we are not responsible for physical damages on the product that has already been installed.
  • If we deliver the product or provide installation services, please check for physical damages before our representative leaves the site.
  • Rest assured that any other damage, whether visible or yet to happen, will be covered under warranty.

How to make a warranty claim?


Each product has different warranty terms and conditions.  Please check in “Warranty” section on individual product pages

When there is a warranty claim, Glass is Good will try their best to meet customer satisfaction and propose the solution to solve the problem. The customer can make warranty claim under the following terms and conditions;

    • If customer would like to make warranty claim, the first thing is to notify our staffs through any channels described in the footer or page “Contacts.”
    • Glass is Good has quality checklist that follows international industry standards and the regulation of Thai Industry Standards. The product will be investigated if they are eligible for warranty claim. We will check and inform customer of the result by 7 days after the product has been received.
    • If the claim has been accepted, Glass is Good reserves the right to choose to fix the problem or replace a new product. However, the product fixing or replacement lead time shall not exceed the standard delivery time listed in this page. If Glass is Good is not able to rectify the problem, Glass is Good will be responsible for reimbursement or compensation to the customer. However, the amount of reimbursement will not exceed the original purchase price.
    • The warranty period is stated in each individual product page. The date is counted from the date that the product has been received by the customer.
Please let us know if something wasn’t right with the product. Glass is Good Co., Ltd. Tel: 063-373-3293 | E-mail: [email protected]