About Us

OBJ, Glass Object by Glass is Good

Meet Glass is Good

Glass is Good is a fresh company founded in late 2017 with a vision to connect people’s daily life to some cool glasses we produce.

Because there are many kinds of good glasses that are so hard to reach by the consumer, we aim to develop and present these glasses through our easy-to-reach and easy-to-use online platform.

Meet OBJ

OBJ stands for “Object.” OBJ is a newly created project spinning off from Glass is Good’s mainstream product. Why?

While our normal products focus on customizable glass for everyday life, OBJ focuses more on design and creative uses of glass as a medium to convey messages.

OBJ products offer glass objects that are sophisticated in design and utilizing state-of-the-art glass technology.

Miti Project

Miti is a new mirror design project conceived by three designers, Yavuz and Ornsuta from Forty Studio, and Wiroj from Glass is Good, founded in the middle of a covid pandemic. Taking advantage of Forty Studio’s strong interior and graphic design background, and the outstanding production capabilities of Glass is Good, we are able to deliver mirrors of high quality and subtle design at an affordable price.

Introducing four new series of mirrors from our first collection, Miti mirrors employ simplistic shapes and geometric patterns in a variety of colors and finishes, designed and manufactured in Bangkok using high-end technology and quality craftsmanship.

Glass Production

All the glasses offered here are made by Glassform, a full house of glass processing technologies. From big glass sheets, they are cut, polished, CNC, tempered, painted, and printed to perfection in our factory in Nonthaburi.

From design to finish the making of the product, we take quality as a top priority to make sure that your glasses will be functioning well, accurate, in greate shape and long-lasting. It’s not only about making the product, but it’s also how the product will serve you years and years.